I Can't Sleep (Poem)

Updated: Feb 19

Inches away from me

Running all night

Everyone asleep as I lay

Mind racing, listening to every word

Still a little sprout

Charmed by the glistening figure

Staring at me as I stared back

Simultaneously linking everything beneath it

But there I lay alone

It would be like that for a while…

An absence of meaning so profound

Some become victims of such intelligence

Something so desired yet so dangerous

Unable to escape the mind’s journey

Nevertheless, the sprout grows in the darkness

Nights expose a genuine contemplation

Every search like a molecule of oxygen,

Keeping us in existence.

Is this all real?

Was it meant to be this way?

Take what you want from me

But do not take my pride

The sprout now a tree which

Casts a shadow of mystery

But grows roots of wisdom

Sometimes I wish I could go back

For knowledge confines my sanity

I’d stop myself from discovering the truth

The truth which robs me of aspiration

The truth which robs me of passion

Loaded with information

Ignorance is no longer prevalent

Instead, we become aware of our insignificance

All the textbooks in the world may make us smart

But they can not answer the questions which we avoid

Eventually our questions can be answered

However, with every answered question

Arises a dozen more

“Satisfaction” is a myth

Religion keeps us sane

Even if I don’t understand much

My tree stands tall

Prepared for a storm or for sunshine

Recognizing that one day will be the last

And nothing will matter

Perhaps I’m wrong, and

With every event is a reason

I don’t know

Our world is off kilter

Maybe one day when I take that ride

It will all make sense

But for now, this is all I have

All I know


©2019 by Learn to Live Happy.