How to go Vegan

Updated: Feb 19

I used to say I would NEVER go vegan. I claimed I liked cheese too much to ever quit. I used to be a large girl. I am also hispanic so no way would my parents even begin to understand the concept of vegetarianism let alone veganism! WRONG. Knowledge is power...

That all changed when I decided to try being vegan for a week. I was tired of eating pizza and egg & cheese sandwiches all day. I was skinny but not healthy.

Giving up something so “normal” and accepted in one's everyday society and culture is difficult but not impossible. Of course, when starting anything new, it’s extremely difficult to go from one lifestyle to a completely different one.

I recommend a gradual transition. Find out what you like, what works for you, and get creative. Try it for one or two days a week. Instead of drinking regular milk try other milk alternatives like oat, almond, cashew, rice etc. TRY NEW THINGS. Look up easy vegan recipes. You can still eat everything you’re eating now but a vegan version of it.

Watch "Game Changers" if you're an athlete or someone concerned for their health. Watch any slaughterhouse video, there is a reason most of us can't stomach these videos... Because the practices within these industries are not ethical. Don't pay someone else to torture, murder, or rape the animals for you. Own up to the reality of what is on your plate.

Essentially it all comes down to a decision driven by morals and education. If your mindset is in the right place, it makes the transition so much easier and rewarding. Knowing your contribution towards reducing your carbon footprint, ending unnecessary suffering, and improving your health is a great reminder as to why this diet is revolutionary.


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