The Dream World: Lucid Dreams

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Do our dreams actually mean something? Are dreams a reflection of an inner conscious and deeper self?

I’m a big dreamer, both literally and figuratively. I mostly have 1-2 dreams that I remember every night. I don’t have a dream journal or write my dreams anywhere, but I have mastered lucid dreaming. Yes, it’s the sickest thing!!

Dreams have always been really interesting for me. I think it’s crazy how one minute we are conscious and the next we are lost somewhere in our minds and we don’t even know it. For this reason, I often do reality checks in times where things just seem off. I count my fingers and check the time to make sure I’m not in a dream. The first time I counted six fingers was definitely really weird but meant I had reached a new level of consciousness... one that made me able to control my dreams and my mind. Now I lucid dream every night. Although this ability is cool when I want to fly or move something with my mind, I decided to change my motivations from fun to a journey of exploring the mind. What would happen if I asked someone in my dream deep questions that I wanted answers to? Besides, everyone and everything in my dream is controlled by my brain. So why not get the answers from the inner me?

Dreams can be random, make absolutely no sense, and can make us feel some type of way. Our bodies become paralyzed but our brain activity (during REM) remains as active as when we are awake. Although most scientists would agree that dreams are completely random & are simply our brains organizing and processing images and information from that day, for centuries people have believed that there has to be a deeper meaning to dreams.

So, what happened when I tried to ask someone the question that has been burning inside of me for years? Well it happened like this:

I was in a dark cave connected by water. Although I did not do any reality checks (at this point I don’t really have to), I knew I was in a dream. To make a long story short, I saw a beautiful clam with its pearls exposed. No one else was around and I just wanted my question answered. So, I asked the clam. My burning question was "what is my purpose?" - deep I know. The clam answered in a woman's voice but the sound was muffled by the water. Before I knew it, I woke up disappointed I couldn’t fulfill my mission. I haven’t tried since but I plan to soon. Once I get an answer, I will make sure to document it and interpret it. For now, dreams are still a mystery to me but an avenue of exploration.

UPDATE:I did it again !!!!

I was on a school campus and as soon as I realized I was dreaming, I asked the person nearest to me my burning question. I was SO nervous. The answer was not AT ALL what I was expecting.

In response to my question the girl said, "have you tried to kill yourself in your dreams?"

Like what?? I said no and she completely changed the subject.

When I woke up I realized where this odd question came from. Earlier in the week someone had asked what would happen if you died in a dream. I of course had no idea and neither did I ever try to die while lucid dreaming.

Analysis: My experiment lacks confirmation.

After asking a question TWICE and not receiving an answer ONCE, I decided to try a new experiment. What if I asked someone in my dream a question I knew the answer to? If the question is answered correctly, I know that my experiment is valid. If not, I have to call it a quits and find out some other way. Once I do this, I will give another update. Stay dreaming!

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